Be the best flyer you can be

Why join Flight Club?

Flight Club  offers you the most cost effective environment in which to progress fast, with your chosen instructor. It's also great fun!


Welcome to the iFLY Flight Club

Flight Club exists to provide flyers with the ideal environment and support to hone their flying skills and progess smoothly through the iFLY WINGS system along the path to becoming a Pro. 

"The first evening was great - meeting fliers of all abilities. Sharing the tunnel with the others meant that the amount of flying time we got was vast in comparison to just being on our own. Flying in the tunnel with others always adds an extra dimension - the things you think are the simplest and take for granted take on an extra edge. You don't realise how much it's improving your own flying control. And along with that - the fun level increases. I always come out buzzing and with a big smile on my face." Andrew - Flight Club member, iFLY Basingstoke

3 reasons to join Flight Club

Great value

Flight Club gives you the best price for flight time, short of becoming a Pro Flyer. Once you have completed your Return 10 you are definitely ready for Flight Club, though you can join earlier if you wish.

add a family member to your membership

Want to share your monthly flight time with a member of the Family. No problem. Just let us know their name at the time of joining and they will be attached to your membership.

club nights 

Flight Club is all about having fun and becoming the best flyer you can be. That's what you can look forward to at our regular club member nights. 

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