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Giving our sport Wings

25 May 2017 4:18 PM | Deleted user

One of indoor skydiving’s favourite topics is flyer progression. We talk about it endlessly. We could even be guilty of talking about it as experienced flyers rather than from a first-timer’s viewpoint. We forget that we know the language, can see the end the game and understand the pathway. You may recall seeing the logos, charts and name of the IBA - International Bodyflight Association. They are not only responsible for the qualifications and ratings of the Instructor crew but they have done a comprehensive job in identifying pathways and flyer levels too. To the beginner, these can appear daunting, complex, out of reach, or all three.

To help our fledgling flyers we have taken a fresh approach at the iFLY tunnels and launched our new Wings system that takes some of the earlier flight skills and lays them out in a simple, clear and achievable way. Our aim is to help get flyers into the tunnel, reach new heights and even start to compete with new found flying buddies.

We’ve taken some cues from the belt systems employed by the various martial arts and, at the same time, tried to keep it pretty simple. As a novice flyer, you earn your White Wings by simply demonstrating a stable flying position. For some, this might happen on your first experience. For others, it may be on your second visit. Basic human desire to achieve is built in:

“Woo Hoo, I’ve got my White Wings, what’s next?”


“Darn, I didn’t get my Wings this time. Okay I’m definitely going to nail it next time!”.

Whether you are competing with yourself or with friends, the effect is going to be the same – you want those Wings, you want to learn but you also want to know what’s next.

Over successive flight sessions you will progress through Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple and Red. By the time you get here, we reckon you’re a pretty accomplished flyer. How long it takes is down to you. All we can guarantee is some great instruction, encouragement, new friends and a totally supportive environment.

Next time you visit the tunnel listen out for the bells, the clapping and whooping & hollering of celebration (we are now owned by Americans after all). That’s the sound of someone earning their Wings. In other words, the sound of success and what we believe is the key to growing the fantastic sport of indoor skydiving.

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